Functions to improve user experience of your apps

In order to use any shinyjs function in a Shiny app, you must first call useShinyjs() anywhere in the app’s UI.

Function Description
show / hide / toggle Display or hide an element (optionally with an animation).
hidden Initialize a Shiny tag as invisible (can be shown later with a call to show).
enable / disable / toggleState Enable or disable an input element, such as a button or a text input.
disabled Initialize a Shiny input as disabled.
reset Reset a Shiny input widget back to its original value.
refresh Refresh the page.
delay Execute R code (including any shinyjs functions) after a specified amount of time.
alert Show a message to the user.
click Simulate a click on a button.
html Change the text/HTML of an element.
onclick Run R code when a specific element is clicked. Was originally developed with the sole purpose of running a shinyjs function when an element is clicked, though any R code can be used.
onevent Similar to onclick, but can be used with many other events instead of click (for example, listen for a key press, mouse hover, etc).
removeEvent Remove an event that was added to an HTML element with onclick() or onevent().
addClass / removeClass / toggleClass add or remove a CSS class from an element.
runjs Run arbitrary JavaScript code.
extendShinyjs Allows you to write your own JavaScript functions and use shinyjs to call them as if they were regular R code. More information is available in the section “Calling your own JavaScript functions from R” below.

Functions that help you during Shiny app development

Function Description
runcodeUI + runcodeServer Adds a text input to your app that lets you run arbitrary R code live.
showLog Print any JavaScript console.log() messages in the R console, to make it easier and quicker to debug apps without having to open the JS console.
logjs Print a message to the JavaScript console (mainly used for debugging purposes).
inlineCSS Easily add inline CSS to a Shiny app.


You can test out some shinyjs functions below. Choose some R code from the dropdown list, and click Run.