There are several questions that pop up very frequently in my email or on StackOverflow about “How do I use shinyjs to do ___?”

Here is a list of a few of these common questions with links to a solution that could be useful.

I also keep a long list of various Shiny tips & tricks for solving common Shiny problems, many of which make use of shinyjs.

Getting help

If you need help with shinyjs, a good place to start is to try to get help from the community. I suggest browsing the shinyjs tag on StackOverflow or asking your own question there. You can also try getting help on the RStudio Community forums.

If you still can’t get an answer to your question, you can contact me. However, because of the high volume of support emails I receive daily, I can only provide support for a fee (as part of my Shiny consulting).

To report a bug or suggest improvements, please open an issue on GitHub. I always strive to make shinyjs as useful and correct as possible, so any feedback is appreciated!