This is a collection of some personal projects I’ve worked on that are easily viewable online. Anything that is not browser-friendly will not make the cut :(

I’m also available for consulting, so feel free to contact me if it looks like we could work together.

Website templates (Jekyll)

  • Beautiful Jekyll - a popular Jekyll theme I created when making this website. You can view a demo or use it yourself to make a pretty website similar to this one by visiting the project page. The theme is extremely easy to install - you can have a site up and running in 2 minutes, and it is designed to look great on both mobile devices and laptops.

R Shiny apps

If you got here after reading some of my blog posts, you’ll know that I’m a big fan and advocate of Shiny. I also help many people and companies with Shiny. You can see a sample of the Shiny apps I’ve built for my self on my personal Shiny server.

R packages

  • shinyjs - Easily improve UX in your Shiny apps, adds useful features to Shiny apps, and call your own JavaScript functions using plain R code. Also includes a colour picker. Check out a demo online. Available on CRAN and on GitHub.

  • timevis - Create interactive timeline visualizations in R (can be embedded into Shiny apps and R markdown documents, or simply viewed from the R console). Check out a demo online. Available on CRAN and on GitHub.

  • colourpicker - A colour picker tool for Shiny and for selecting colours in plots. Available on CRAN and on GitHub.

  • addinslist - Browse through a continuously updated list of existing RStudio addins and install/uninstall their corresponding packages. Available on CRAN and on GitHub.

  • ezknitr - Avoid the typical working directory pain when using ‘knitr’. If you’re into R and reproducible research/generating reports with knitr, then do check it out. Available on CRAN and on GitHub.

  • ggExtra - Easily add histograms/density plots to ggplot2 scatterplots, plus a few more ggplot2 convenience functions. Check out a demo online. Available on CRAN and on GitHub.

  • shinyforms - Easily create questionnaire-type forms with Shiny. Check out a demo online. Available on GitHub (still in development).

  • ddpcr - Analyze and visualize droplet digital PCR data. Check out a demo online. Available on CRAN and on GitHub. Manuscript in F1000Research.

  • lightsout - An implementation of the puzzle game Lights Out using R. Play the game online. Available on CRAN and on GitHub.

Many of my R packages/tutorials/thoughts are graciously shared on R-bloggers, which is a great resource for any useR.


I’m creating an online course on Case Studies with Shiny together with DataCamp, an interactive platform to learn R and data science.

Chrome extensions


  • - a very popular shopping platform. I was one of the few original developers of the site (before it was even called Wish!) and contributed mostly to the frontend. I was part of Wish’s inception and initial growth, but since then it has grown to be a #1 Android Shopping app, and I can’t claim any credit to that. :)

  • - website for women to discover and talk about interesting makeup applications. Clearly my area of expertise! The site was mostly developed by Brent Francia (CEO) and I, and I was responsible for all aspects of the development, seeing as we were usually a 2-3 person team.

  • - spin-off of MakeupBee that was designed to be more focused on mainstream looks and have a cleaner feel. I’ve written most of the code for this site.

  • - travel site with a social component, that is meant to help users discover and share places to go. It never really took off, but it was my first introduction to web development.

  • - small personal website that I run on a virtual server just because I wanted a place to host my own R Shiny server and RStudio server.

  • - the site you’re currently on. Just a simple site to have some virtual presence.



  • Impact Replays - I participated in a national hackathon (SportsHack15) and won 3rd place with this app. We had to build something that would increase engagement of CFL (Canadian Football League) fans. This app uses play-by-play data from games to let you focus on just the action moments of games.

  • Minesweeper - tiny Minesweeper game I built as part of the interview process with Airbnb. It’s not fancy at all, but it’s the best I could do in the two hours they allotted me back in the day.

  • Building your own portable oldies gaming console - I bought a raspberry pi and turned it into an awesome portable gaming console that supports SNES/PS1/GameGear/GameBoy. Super cool.

Java games

I have several cool Java games I wrote, but I currently don’t have a way to host the applet online without paying way too much money to buy a certificate. I might find a way around that in the future.