List of useful RStudio addins made by useRs

RStudio’s new feature of supporting addins is great. It’s about 2 months old now, and I think one of the main problems right now is discoverability: there’s just no easy way to find addins or publish your own.

As a first attempt at making addins more discoverable, I started a GitHub repo listing some addins, with the hope that other useRs will add to the list and make it a place to discover addins.

This can help in three ways: if you want to browse for useful addins, if you want to showcase your addin, or if you want to look at how others are implementing addins to get ideas for developing your own (since there aren’t too many resources or examples yet, it could be useful to inspect other people’s code).

I can see in the future somebody creating a more ambitious and powerful “addin repository” (not a GitHub one), but for now I hope this list can serve as a go-to for RStudio addins.

Update 1 month later: since this repo received far more attention than I anticipated and it was clear that people wanted this list of addins to be turned into a package that can let you download and manage these addins, so now this is a full-fledged package rather than just a list.

Tags: rstats
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