To my huge surprise, Beautiful Jekyll has been used in over 500 websites in its first 6 months alone! Here is a hand-picked selection of some websites that use Beautiful Jekyll.

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Project/company websites

Website Description R Epidemics Consortium Vaccine Impact Modelling Consortium Using R for Fisheries Analyses Creating Big Data solutions Juju Solutions Clipboard Actions - an Android app shinyjs - an R package Library for canonicalising blank node labels in RDF graphs Create iOS and Android apps with React and Ionic Jagged Alliance 2 Stracciatella RADSeq Bioinformatics and Beyond Free online guitar lessons for all Information about the 2016 Italy earthquake

Personal websites

Website Who What Dean Attali Creator of Beautiful Jekyll Juuso Parkkinen Data scientist Derek Ogle Professor of Mathematical Sciences and Natural Resources Melyanna Shows off her nice art Claudia Hauff Professor at Delft University of Technology Pascal van Kooten Data analytics Shaun Jackman PhD candidate in bioinformatics Anudit Verma Engineering student Oscar Medina Independent Hacker Marco Blessing A personal blog about PowerShell and automation Harry Khanna Law and software