Welcome to Dean Attali on the web!

It’s been a while now that I’ve wanted to have a personal website - just somewhere to be able to park random files/documents and perhaps even host a blog where I can brain dump my personal and professional thoughts.

I remember several years ago, when I was in my 3rd/4th year of my undergrad, all the cool kids started having their own sites. And by cool kids I of course mean the nerdiest of us. In Waterloo Computer Science, geek is the new cool. I always felt out of place for not having one myself, so now I finally get to feel like a real CS kid, only several years too late!

Just as a reference, I do have an existing weblog on Wordpress that was mostly populated throughtout some of my earlier travels. I just wanted to have a link to that somewhere :) My story about being scammed in Cambodia did have quite a few hits, so I’ll leave that here as well.

Lastly, subscribe to my feed! To be completely honest, I actually never ever used RSS in my life and wasn’t exactly sure how they work (somehow I missed out on the huge RSS era a few years ago when everybody was getting on it), but I learned today that it’s pretty simple and awesome. You install any RSS reader in about 4 seconds, add my RSS feed to it, and now every time I publish a new post you’ll immediately know!

This website is currently in its infancy, so do let me know if you find any bugs/typos/have any comments at all. All comments are welcome. Unless they’re not nice, in which case a PayPal donation is required for me to read your comment.

For absolutely no reason, this post will be signed off with a photo of my family from 2014. Less than half of us are looking and I’m just a floating head - perfectly describes the mess that is my family. Family pic